As part of my commercial services, I help design systems that boost efficiency, reduce clutter, save money and create calm in your office and digital spaces.  A Professional Organizer can help you better plan your day and organize your time.

My services include but are not limited to:

*organize computer and paper files as part of a total systems organization

​*discuss furniture placement to help maximize space and make your current office more efficient

*streamline policies and procedures to help reduce waste and increase productivity

* help in all areas of systems organization

As with my residential services, a big part of the organization will include teaching you how to maintain the systems we have developed together.  


As a Professional Organizer I am ready to tackle any project, big or small, and will show you how to maximize your space and time. During our hands-on organizing sessions, I offer support so you can purge the things you no longer want or need and give you direction when you are not quite sure how to proceed.  I will help you sort through and correctly store your "stuff" and teach you how to maintain your new systems after the initial organizing is completed.  

I work on most any area of your home, including but not limited to:



*living room


*home office

I also help with:

*time management/organized system of daily tasks to include schedules, routines, etc.          

*staging homes for selling and settling in after a move

*help with furniture placement to help maximize space and make your current space more livable

*help with decorating ideas

Most importantly, I help you get rid of the clutter and fall in love with your space all over again!